I create my own reality thorugh my thoghts. My thoughts becomes my resonance, and my resonance becomes my thoughts. Happiness, peacefulness, love and health is resonance - EVERYTHING is VIBRATION.


Shamanistic tools as Rapé/ Kuripe is enormously powerful, and needs to be handled with humility and respect. The outcome from a shamanistic meditation session can be very rewarding. The silence of the mind and the deep grounding effect created with the Rapé, will take you into a deep meditative state, that most people achieves after months/ years of continuous practice.

Yoga, Qi Gong, Stress Release and Mindfull Walking are examples of active meditation - if you're aware.

Being aware in everything you do is a key to reach a highly vibrant level of life.

Active meditation can be an effective integrator and manifistator. It will help you to transform vibrations from the energetic level to the physical level. 

Meditation is well known and recognized in many religions and cultures. It is one of the most powerful tools you will find, if you want to take the power of your own vibrations, and thereby transform your life.

The mind can be a tricky friend. You will need a huge amound of dedication if you want to succeed on this beautiful jurney with you mind.

A meditation journey, is a one year journey, where you will get to know and practice many different types and genres of meditation and mindfulness.

Many people today has tried the effects of a great acupuncture and well placed needles. The calmness of the mind, and the free flow of energy. With the right awareness, the needles helpes you into a deep meditativ state. An effective and calming shortcut into your subconscious mind. Together with Stærk Akupunktur we will create the safe conditions you'll need to get into a deep, calming and rewarding state of mind.

Air and water is two of the four elements in many ancient traditions. With the right awareness, you can work and benefit from these powerfull elements in different  exercises in your everyday life. The exercises will help you to ground yourself and raise your energy to a much higher frequency. You will need the acces to a shower everyday, and it is recomended that you have experience with yoga in advance.

Working in groups can be very powerfull, due to the potential energy that we can create together. Meditating together is good for teambuilding on a physiological and spiritual level.

It is also an effective tool to become more compassionate as an individual.


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Sit, relax and take a deep breath.

Connect deeply with your earth star.

Ask this energetic center of yours, if working with Team8 is for the higher greater good. If you feel the energy rise, feel free to contact me.

If the energy is low, our paths are not ment to cross yet.

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