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I work of donation. I hope your donation will be given with the wish to help others. The energy, class or course you have received from me, has been paid for through the generosity of past students and clients. Thank you for giving something towards the cost of future treatments, classes and courses, so that more people can be helped to raise their frequency, and thereby the vibrations of the planet


I am Camilla Varming Nielsen, and i am from the genus of Healers.

Like many others I have been raised in a part of the world, where, though I had everything i needed, I was never REALLY happy. 

I grew up as an atheist, but have always been attracted to the things modern science couldn't explain. After many different journeys with consciousness raising plants, many hours of meditation and much more, my skepticism for the devine has dissolved, and I have found some basic keys to my unhappyness.

An unballanced egocentrism kept me from loving myself, and instead I cared about what other people thought of me. An extreme and destructive anger, covering a deep vulnerability, kept burning off huge amounds of energy and dominated the vibrations of my mind and also the vibrations around me for long periods of time. Causing damage to my inner child and people around me - especially the ones I love.

Meditation has been my most powerful tool to get to know, understand and embrace the patterns mentioned above with love and compassion.

I am here to raise my vibrations for the higher greater good. To let go of old stories and heavy vibrations. I am here to heal myself and thereby Mother Earth and all my relations. I would be hornored and grateful if you would do the same<3

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My soul and Spirits guides me all around the world. Contact me - and I will find you.

Social media or info@team8.dk

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I am a free spirit. I work without boundaries. My opening hours is when Spirits are calling.

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